Sunday, May 8, 2011

I'm Back !!!!

Hello Again Friends!
After a longtime with sporadic internet and computer use I am back online. I just received my new laptop in the mail and so far so good. Even better is that I will (hopefully) be able to blog more frequently as has been my desire for awhile.

I need to work on some Bible study prep right now but until I can write more I ask that you be in prayer for me right now. Looking at things in a human perspective, one would think that my life was falling apart, but in truth it is just as God wants it to be, as difficult as it is I know He has all things in control. I am thankful for His faithfulness, grace and unfailing love. Will you pray with me that I continue to lean on His strength and not my own, that I trust the outcome of the circumstances and not be anxious but put everything to prayer? Thank you.

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k.elizabeth said...

I am happy you are back!!! :) I had fun today, let's do it again soon!