Thursday, June 16, 2011

Changes, Opportunities to Trust

Ahhh...after a LONG day of work I am sitting on my veranda listening to the relaxing symphony of crickets that God so beautifully orchestrated. This, with a backdrop of the river and Rib Mountain and the visits of a few fine feathered and forest creatures.

I have seriously craved this time for a couple of weeks but sadly my schedule and the weather have not allowed it until tonight. This gift of time and solitude is much needed after several months of situations beyond my control. I am emotionally and physically exhausted and am enjoying this small albeit precious time to enjoy the creation before me. It is especially special to me as I know my time at this apartment is drawing to a close and I will have to find a new place of solitude. So many changes and things going on in my life, namely one which happens tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my last day at a job I have truly loved. I love the patients, the doctors and many of the people I work with and the other things the job entails but I recently had to make a very hard decision. Along with that decision was the chance to trust in God and His provision in my life. I see it more than a coincidence that as I realized that my financial state was not getting any better and that I have many unexpected medical bills coming along with the need to find a new place to live that I found out about a job that would provide better pay and medical benefits. Along with this job came a whole new territory and learning a whole new career, this time in the pediatric dental field. Crazy different from the chiropractic world, isn't it? I never thought I would be working in the dental field. Then again, I said the same thing about the chiropractic field just a few years ago!

With this change in careers I MUST trust that God has this all worked out for His glory and that I will love it as much as I have loved my old career, if not more! I am thankful that this new job will give me better hours each week (although I will miss my extra days off!) hopefully giving me more rest and less stress each day! I must also trust that He will instill in me a continued peace about this change. Honestly, there is a part of me that is really scared and nervous about this new job and the change. Maybe it is partly the stress of the last several months and all of the changes and things going on in the next couple of months or maybe it is simply and largely me not trusting Him and resting the peace of His promises. Please pray for me as I learn a new career, go on a missions trip with the teens of my church youth group as a leader/chaperon and as I continue to search for a affordable place to live and then move, all within the next five weeks!

Even through all of the seeming upheaval in my life I try to keep in mind that the circumstances I am in are all temporal and will all be over, eventually so I am thankful that God is faithful through all of the situations and seasons in life and that I have the privilege of trusting Him and knowing Him a little more because of the journey my life goes through. I pray that you, my friend, will be able to rest a little bit more in His arms through all of the bumps and curves of life and enjoy the chances to learn more of His faithfulness because a challenge in life with Him is so much more peaceful than it is without Him in your life.

Seek Him. Trust Him. Today.


Lenita said...

I will pray for you. :)

Jenni said...

praying for you, Rachael! I've had Korey on the lookout for good places for you to rent, also, so I'll let you know if he uncovers anything!