Friday, June 17, 2011

Chapters in my life

Well, today was the end of one chapter in my life and the beginning of a the next, as I mentioned in yesterdays post. Thank you, dear friends, for your encouragement and prayers they mean so much to me. It was not an easy day, a little tear-filled on my part but I felt the prayers! Thank you God for the chapters You have written in my life and Your Faithfulness through out each page.

My weekend in the new chapter in life will be filled with preparing for my new job and the missions trip that is fast approaching (8 days-yikes!). These preparations include scrub size shopping and manual reading for the job and creating a menu and making the food for a week at camp ahead of time because of my food allergies(ideas, anyone?). I am sure that at least one trip to a grocery store will be part of the day tomorrow along with a little swimming with my sisters and maybe even cheering on a few of my youth group girls and friends in the local Gus Macker basketball tournament, Fathers day and my niece's dedication celebration and a campfire and game night with friends after a trip meeting! Whew, a busy weekend already but a person needs to have some fun occasionally, right? :)

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