Sunday, March 31, 2013

God didn't wait 12 months....Part 1

So, its been awhile since I blogged. Again. Remember my 13 for '13 post? Well, God certainly has been working in my life. One of my words for 2013 was

Anticipation. Anticipation for what God has in store for me and my family and friends. I look forward to seeing where He takes us, the growth, challenges, our response to them and victories we will experience this year!

Well, He certainly has challenged me. Within days of writing that post I found out that I would only have my job for a few more weeks. I was shocked, floored and so, so very sad. I loved the family and I loved my job. Yes, I was looking forward to what God had for me in 2013 but I certainly didn't expect this!

God is so cool though. the day I found out I would need to find a new job I was supposed to go on a retreat(a retreat that He totally provided for me to go on). I instantly wanted to skip the retreat and spend my weekend looking for jobs. I had only a few moments to decide. I called a friend and she convinced me to go, reminding me that my future job would still be the job for me when I get back in town on Monday. So I went, albeit reluctantly.

I kept the shock of the job to myself and was really quiet for the ride to the retreat. Basically, I knew I would cry if I talked about it and I needed to process this huge change and loss in my life. That night, are you ready for this? The speaker spoke specifically about trusting God as He changes things that are unexpected and listening and obeying Him not knowing the end result and how that honors and glorifies Him. He spoke of having a eternal focus, to have a focus that is on being holy and set apart in the hard times. To not give in or gamble in life but to be in prayer, to fast and seek counsel in decision making. To trust in the promises we are given in scripture of the Hope, love, security, acceptance and provison from Him

Yeah, I was listening. And crying. And in awe of the turn of events and the message He was giving at that moment in time. You see, for several months the womens study I was part of had been studying a book on trusting God and His Sovereignity. He had been working in my life and showing me my need to trust Him in all aspects of my life. Well, He was giving me the chance to trust Him even more in this chapter of my life.

Back to the story. The next day in our quiet time we were asked to read about Haggai and the message He had for the Israelites, how the people had not had their priorities straight and how God said in Haggai 1:5-7 to consider their ways. I was considering my ways alright. I truly beleive that God had given me the nannny job so I knew I was in His will for that so I was considering my ways and priorities for the next phase in life. After God challenges the Israelites priorities He makes the promise of being with them. I leaned on that promise. I leaned on Him for strength for that day as I slowly started telling friends about the changes in my circumstances.

Before I go on, I want to say that I was not angry or bitter. I was sad. That weekend I kept thinking of my recent blog post and how God had impressed upon me the words that I wrote about and here he was changing things days into the new year!

It has now been a few months into 2013 and He has moved me to the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. Yeah, Viking land. Yes, it is cold here and yes I have asked God why another cold territory and not somehwere warm and exotic but He has me here. I will write more of this journey and how I came to live here in my next post, until then I encourage you to Read Haggai 1:1-2:1-9 and rest in the truths and promises that if you are His child:

HE IS WITH YOU and HE WILL BRING PEACE in what you are facing so set your focus and priorities on HIM!

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