Saturday, July 6, 2013

Life over the {state} border

Why, hello again, friends! It's been awhile. I am still here, in Minnesota. Life since I last wrote has been in some ways the same and in other ways intense. The first couple months of being here seemed to be more about survival. Getting to know my surroundings, learning how to get to pertinent locations and back home again. Finding balance with work and focusing on not getting confused with the ever-changing details and processes that come with my job also kept me busy and exhausted by the end of the day. In all fairness, me totaling out my car and having to heal from that and take care of all those details also took up much of my time and energy in the last six weeks!

I know I promised to finish my story as to how God brought me to the culture and land but I would like to do a quick detour and give you an update on the last month or so. I would be lying to you and myself if I said that my time in Minnesota has been great, easy and fun. There have been moments of frustration, loneliness and the curiosity as to why God brought me here. Was it to just go to the gym, go to work, come home, sleep and repeat day after day? I really hope not.

I have struggled to find reason and purpose in this time. I strongly sense that God has me here and that it is in His will that I am here. Now I work and wait to (possibly) see what He has for me in addition to work. There have been tears of frustration on my way to and from work wondering if I was away from family, friends and the community I had back home to work. Or was work what He has for me now? Not once have I felt that this move was in error or that I should not be here. I do not sense the release to move back (believe me I have asked Him for it!) :)Granted there have been the occasional visit and time spent with two friends whom I knew before moving here but sadly life is busy and I don't get to see them as often as I would love to. My co-workers are pretty neat and interesting and I appreciate each one of them. What I have missed is fellowship, community and accountability. I have struggled to break out of my natural introverted self and have made it a goal to either introduce myself to at least one new person each week at church or have a conversation with someone had met previously. Some weeks have gone better than others and slowly I am starting to enjoy my time after worship I bit more.

The church I go to is large but has a ministry for young adults and a service that is geared towards that on Sunday service. I enjoy the worship and teaching and have made it to 2 of the social events in attempts to meet other people. It is just like any other service and about 150-200 people go on a average week. They meet on Sunday nights so that gives me the WHOLE day to myself. I have been intentional on trying to have it as a rest day, not running errands, shopping etc. An average Sunday finds me sleeping in, having a nice breakfast, taking a walk, reading, reflecting, skyping family and friends and getting a few meals made for the coming week. I have come to look forward and cherish this time as my work week can get hectic.

Up until recently the only thing besides Church that I consistently did was work. I CRAVED fellowship and friend time. I miss the community I had back home, especially as summer is here and I see on Facebook the great times they are having and I miss those times with them. Thankfully the opportunity opened up for a new small group that was starting. I have been going and it has been such a blessing and I look forward to going each week. I even had the chance to host the group one week!

As God puts it on your heart please continue to pray for healing from the accident. I still deal with headaches and migraines that have kept me from working and functioning at my best and pain in my neck and upper back prevent me from driving and working out as I used to. My care has been outstanding and I know it takes time but of course I get impatient at times wanting the headaches to go away and to be able to work out and function as I used to!

Also, please pray for the continued transition and building community and friendships. That I would be aware of what God has for me each moment and day and that I would be open to the ministry that I can do each day for the people I come in contact with. That He will have all glory in this season He has me in, that I TRUST HIM in this time! :)

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